How to make healthy ragi ladoo?

Ragi Ladoo

How to make healthy Ragi Ladoo?

A popular Indian sweet treat called ragi ladoo is produced with finger millet flour, also known as ragi. In South India, it is typically offered during holidays or other special occasions. Due to the presence of finger millet, ragi ladoos have a high iron content, making them a perfect snack for both pregnant women and kids who occasionally need to eat.

It is a simple home recipe for a delicious and healthful snack. Because it contains calcium, iron, and other crucial elements, ragi ladoo is not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious. It is suitable for dessert or an evening snack. You may get all the benefits of ragi in just one delicious bite thanks to this simple recipe for ragi ladoos!

Healthy ragi ladoo made with all healthy millet ragi flour


  • 2 cup ragi flour

  • 1/2 cup jaggery

  • 2 cups of ghee

  • Cardamom powder can be added according to individual taste preferences

  • Chopped nuts like almonds or cashews can also be added for more flavor and crunchiness in the ladoos.

Ragi millet which is widely known as finger millet. These healthy ladoo are made with finger millet flour


  • Start by measuring out 2 cups of ragi flour into a bowl. 
  • Add 1/2 cup of jaggery powder and mix it with the flour until completely combined.
  • Then measure out 1/4 cup of ghee and add it to the mixture, stirring continuously until all ingredients are fully incorporated. 
  • Finally, add any desired nuts or dried fruits such as cashews or raisins to give your ladoos an extra crunchy texture. 
  • Begin by heating a pan over medium heat, then add the dry ragi powder to it. Stir continuously for about 8-10 minutes until you can smell a nutty aroma and see that the color has changed slightly.
  • To prepare the binder, add 1 tablespoon of ghee, and 2 tablespoons of jaggery and stir until it melts completely with no lumps remaining. 
  • Now reduce the heat to low before adding ¼ cup of roasted ragi flour into this mixture, stirring continuously until all ingredients are well combined into a thick paste-like consistency without any lumps left in it. 
  • Allow this mixture to cool down slightly before using it as a binding agent for your ladoo mix later on.
  • It’s time to assemble the ladoo. Take some mixture in your hand and slowly shape it in a circular shape.
  • Garnish your ladoos with crunchy dry fruits and enjoy!
Healthy finger millet(ragi) ladoo


Everyone can enjoy the delicious and wholesome sweet delight known as ragi ladoo. It only requires a few materials and a few simple procedures to prepare it. Because of their high fiber content, ragi ladoos are a great snack for anyone searching for something nutritious and tasty.

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