5 ways to start your day with muesli

5 Ways to Start Your Day with Muesli…


A quick and wholesome breakfast that you can make in advance is muesli. It can be made quickly, is very filling, and is suitable for any time of day. This article will go over 5 different ways to make muesli. Options are available to fit various lifestyles, and the muesli can be made anyway you like.

What is muesli?

Rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds are the main ingredients of the breakfast cereal known as muesli. Typically, it is consumed cold or with additional components like milk or yoghurt. It is a well-liked option for anyone seeking a filling and healthful breakfast.

5 Easy Recipes to start your day with Muesli…

1. Muesli and Oats Waffle:

To make this dish, simply combine the muesli of your choice with oats in a bowl and mix until combined. Then add enough milk or water to create a thick batter-like consistency before pouring it into your preheated waffle maker on medium heat.

2. Banana Muesli Bowl:

Start by combining the muesli with some water in a bowl until it is moistened but not too wet. Then add the banana slices on top of the muesli mix before adding your favorite peanut butter spread.

3. Muesli smoothie:

To make this tasty treat, simply blend together one cup of muesli, one spoon of peanut butter, one banana, some strawberries, half a cup of milk or yogurt (your choice!), some honey for sweetness, and ice cubes for an extra chill factor.

4. Muesli Yogurt Parfait:

Start by layering muesli, yogurt, and your favorite fruit in a bowl or glass. For extra crunch, add some chopped nuts or seeds. Top it off with honey for sweetness if desired!

5. Overnight Muesli:

First, gather all of your ingredients — oats, nuts, or seeds of your choice (such as almonds or pumpkin seeds), dried fruit, yogurt, milk, and honey for sweetness. Next, combine the oats with nuts/seeds in a bowl. In another bowl whisk together yogurt, milk, and honey until smooth. Add the oats and seeds to the liquid mixture.


A delicious and healthy breakfast like muesli is a fantastic way to start the day. You can cook delicious meals quickly with these five simple muesli recipes! Whether it's a yoghurt parfait or an oatmeal dish topped with fresh fruit.

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