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RAGI WAVES - Tomato Paradise (60g)

Snacking Reborn – Simply too delicious 🙂


Ragi Waves – Tomato Paradise


Try our lip smacking tomato flavored Ragi puffs. We tried our hands on Ragi, to give you a real guilt free experience!

  • Snacks that are rightly roasted and are amazingly delicious too!
  • Each pack has more than 50% Ragi grain… that makes it very nutritious!
  • High on Dietary fibers
  • Ragi is known to be extremely rich in calcium
  • Extremely high on fibers
  • We say “No” to all artificial flavors
  • A big “No” to Cholesterol
  • A “Zero” Transfat – that’s what we believe in

Our special recipe for this crispy and wavy puff and tomato flavour is like being in true paradise! Coupled with the benefits of Ragi, it is simply delicious and irresistible!

Ragi is commonly consumed in southern part of India. Children are often fed with this powerful grain right from their early years. The amount of dietary fiber in Ragi promotes digestion and helps one feel satiated for a longer period of time. The natural plant based calcium in this grain improves in overall growth of a child.

Get Ragi in your daily diet!



2 reviews for RAGI WAVES – Tomato Paradise (60g)

  1. saurav bharti

    As the name suggests, they were almost paradise to me! Really loved all the flavours! Nice one!

  2. gargi

    they’re really good. Good taste, good vibe.

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