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Oats and Jowar - Garlic Zen (25g)


  • READY TO EAT, HEALTHY AND TASTY SUPERFOOD OATS AND JOWAR CHIPS: Each chip is loaded with complete nutrition so that you can have a complete guilt free snack, anytime. These NOT FRIED high Protein snacks are healthy for all. Snack on this ROASTED SUPER MILLET known for its high protein and dietary benefits that will make you feel super charged. A perfect millet snack for kids, grown ups and health conscious people. Whether you are traveling, hiking, exercising or even junking, this is something you will gladly love to have.
  • HIGH PROTEIN, HIGH DIETARY FIBER & LOW FAT: Each snack pack is loaded with 7g of protein and 13g of dietary fiber that will make you feel super charged. is a great source of Protein and its high fibre content makes it an ideal snack for weight loss and good alternative to fried snacks and namkeens. This superfood never gives you the feeling of bloating, gas, constipation, etc. Simply munch and keep enjoying!
  • AMAZING TASTE: Simply enjoy the unique flavour of garlic and we are super confident that you will fall in love with them instantly. This healthy snack is rightly baked and flavoured that you will love to have with your favourite drink. Jowar is known to have good amount of fiber, that helps improve digestion and boost immunity.
  • ROASTED MILLET BASED SNACKS THAT HAS NO MAIDA AND NO JOKES: All our snacks have ZERO MAIDA, ZERO CHOLESTEROL, ZERO FAT AND ZERO JUNK, and yet so delicious that you will find it difficult to resist. We have used highest quality of sunflower oil for garnishing.
  • WHOLESOME SNACKING A HEALTHY HABIT: Each pack is loaded with the benefits of Oats and Jowar and free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Just simply get addicted to them.

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