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JOWAR PUFFS - Lemon and Mint Bliss (60g)

Snacking Reborn – Keep munching without any regret 🙂

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Jowar Puffs – Lemon and Mint Bliss

  • Snacks that are just rightly roasted
  • Each pack has more than 50% Jowar – more health, more happiness!
  • Jowar is known to be very high in dietary fibers
  • We say “No” to all artificial flavors
  • A big “No” to Cholesterol
  • A “Zero” Transfat – that’s what we believe in.

Did you know?

  • Jowar is one of the healthiest millet consumed by people who are health conscious and understand the benefits of fibers in the true sense
  • The fiber content in this grain is extremely beneficial and one feels satiated, thus avoiding overeating tendencies

So what now, get Jowar in your daily diet!



5 reviews for JOWAR PUFFS – Lemon and Mint Bliss (60g)

  1. Afroz

    My personal favourite 😍

  2. aisha

    they are sooo yummmm

  3. pratiksha jain

    me and my sis were shopping these good online , unsure if they would turn out good! But then we ordered and really they were sooo worth it!

  4. jewel dahia

    If you are wondering how these taste… they are super light and light but bold flavors! A refreshing treat to your mouth. if yo are tthinking to buy these! just do it!

  5. Christy joseph

    Amazing! born reborn is really a great brand! i love ur mueseli and now i m obssesed with this flavour!

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